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"Milestii Mici"

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Click here to enlarge  Moldovan proverb says that God created Moldova for winery. Even by its geographical curves our country reminds of a bunch of grapes.

Moldova is a traditional winemaking region, where in every courtyard the wine is produced and, by the quality of this wine its owner is appreciated. Winemaking and winegrowing were always considered to be the most significant and important occupations among locals.

“MILESTII MICI” – the visiting card of Moldova

Far beyond the bonds of the republic is known, appreciated and loved the production of the State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex “MILESTII MICI”, the oldest storehouse of the “divine liquid” in Moldova. The Gold Collection of the quality wine complex Milestii -Mici, decreed recently as "National Treasury", was officially recognized as the largest wine collection in the world and written in the Guinness Book.
Here the wines are stored, which are indeed the wonder of Milestii Mici.

The Quality Wines Industrial Complex “MILESTII MICI” has taken its worthy place within the tourist program of the state. Here the main wine road goes through. The route begins with the access road surrounded by medieval fortress walls with fantastical turrets, picturesque waterfall in the spirit of a landlords’ courtyard of the XIV century. “The footprints of history” can be found everywhere around here. A particular curiosity is a barrel of 6 tons proudly “frozen” on the pedestal at the industrial complex’ entrance. This particular barrel during many years has been giving all its natural powers of oak to the magnificent “Cabernet” wine. Now the treasures of MILESTII MICI are raising the image of Moldovan wines, being relevant articles of export in Moldovan economy.
Having its particular glamour this natural wine deposit – the largest in the world – appeared in lime galleries at depth of 40-85 meters in the 70s of the last century. The constant temperature of 12-14C and the humidity of 85-95% of this “kingdom of wine” ideally contribute to the preservation of Moldovan strategic stocks, as well as to the full revelation of elite wines. Here have been collected wines of the best bumper-crop years from all regions of the country and have been stored for ageing. Up to now continue to arrive selected wine materials from all over Moldova.
Now as many years ago the underground kingdom still excites the visitors. The lucky guests who get into the darken avenues and streets with rows and niches where precious bottles are carefully laid down, where barrels are placed. Covered with the attributes of antiquity – spider web and grey dust – they attract all looks like a magnet. In order to make the time of travel more exciting for those willing to given the maps of the wine depository sealed with wax. Bottles’ labels got the picture of the same map.
There is a lot to be proud of here, as well as there is a lot to offer and show to the guests. Even the most demanding visitor shall fall into the glamorous captivity of the shell tunnel and even more of the wonderful ordinary, vintage collection and sparkling wines.
The “Golden Collection” of MILESTII MICI contains over two million bottles of harmonious wines dated from the period of Moldovan winemaking prosperity “Pinot”, “Traminer”, “Muscat”, “Riesling”, “Feteasca”, “Dnestrovscoie”, “Codru”, “Negru de Purcari”, “Trandafirul Moldovei”, “Auriu”, “Ciumai-Ciumai” and other. All these wines are made in full compliance with ancient Moldovan traditions are aged in oak barrels in a silent and peaceful atmosphere.

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