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Chisinau Accommodation

Private apartments in Chisinau

Luxury Apartment for Rent in Moldova! Best Lodging services in Chisinau! Glemus offers you a great selection of Rentals in the Central area of Chisinau! Our search engine combined with a state of the art website will help you find quickly your Apartment in Chisinau; just submit your request form.


City Spring Apartments
MoreAddress: 3, Iorga street

One-bedroom 64ˆ - 79ˆ/night

Two-bedroom 86ˆ - 114ˆ/night

The City Spring is the first apart hotel in Moldova inaugurated on May 2007. It consists of 8 luxury apartments of different types, which fit our most demanding guest's needs.

First Choice Apartments (in Crown Plaza complex)
MoreAddress: 96, Bucuresti street

One-bedroom 64ˆ - 105ˆ/night

Two-bedroom 100ˆ - 114ˆ/night

"Glemus"company is proud to present "First Choice Apartments" the first Premiere luxury apartment complex in Moldova. Our apartments make a part of two residential towers known as Crown Plaza.

Ρlick on a apartment name you are interested in, in order to get more information about it

View All Studios 2 room 3 room More than 3
ID# Prewiew Shortly Address Month rate Day rate
  #486MoreOne-bedroom apartment in Center of Chisinau 35 Pushkin Str.450 € Ë50 € Ë
  #787MoreOne-bedroom apartment in Center of Chisinau 38, V. Parcalab str.500 € Ën/a 
  #789MoreOne-bedroom apartment in Center of Chisinau 38, V. Parcalab str.500 € Ën/a

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