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Private houses in Chisinau

The best Houses for Lease in the central Chisinau! Are You interested in Home Rentals in Moldova? Here you can find the largest selection of both furnished and unfurnished Chisinau Lodging for short and long-term rent! Our search engine combined with a state of the art website will help you find quickly your House in Chisinau; just submit your request form.


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# Photo City area Address Number of bedrooms Month price Day price
  #608MoreCenter 54, Kogalniceanu Str.0900 € Ën/a 
  #617MoreTelecentru Vanatorilor str.0880 € Ën/a 
  #724MoreCenter 31 August 1989 str.0650 € Ën/a 
  #804MoreCenter 45, 31 August street01650 € Ën/a 

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